Milo, the queen of Kitty Show, passed on Nov 31, 2009.
      She brought great joy to all of us and her inspiration of
     Kitty Show brought happiness to many thousands of cats worldwide.
    We all loved her so very much and will miss her. She was 18 years old.

   Kitty Show, Milo & R.J. Sorensen are chosen for a feature story in
  "Ladies' Home Journal" to be released in the June 2003 issue. Cool!!!

  Kitty Show airs on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart.
  Story is by Mo Rocca. Airs Thanksgiving week 2001

  Kitty Show & CEO R.J. Sorensen is the feature story - front page of
  "The Wall  Street Journal" - RJ called  the "Felini of Cat Films" by WSJ.

    Kitty Show develops and releases the world's first Cat DVD, actually
     two DVD's. July 2001

      Tufts University "Catnip" magazine rates Kitty Show's "The Bugs" as
       being the "test cats favorite video, Hands Down". Kitty Show receives
        the highest rating in cat videos. Named in the "top 7" new products
         for cats in 2000.