Here are a few of the hundreds of media articles about
     Kitty Show, RJ Sorensen and our DVDs for cats

    Ladies' Home Journal : June 2003 : Pg 54 & 58 : Kitty Show- the story
    of Kitty Show, the ceo RJ Sorensen and the Cat DVDs.

   VetCentric : 06/2003 : Web Article about Kitty Show

  The Tennessean : Newspaper : Jan 1, 2002 : Lifestyles / Entertainment

Daily News : News Article about Kitty Show & Cat vision research

 The Daily Show - Thanksgiving week '01 - Comedy Central - Mo Rocca &
  Jon Stewart - see the show here. (opens in a new window)

   The Wall Street Journal : July 13, 2001 : Front Page- Feature Story
    Article featured Kitty Show refering to Rj as "the Fellini" of Feline Films.

    Tufts University "Catnip" : 3/2000 : Tested videos made for Cats:
     Kitty Show Bugs Video was rated #1, "test cats favorite - hands down"

        Numerous Newspapers and Radio shows throughout the USA,
         Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Europe.
Media Articles