The Bugs DVD Video for Cats
   BUGS crawling and fluttering on the inside of the TV
     screen, as if it were a window. Real BUGS were filmed
      using the exclusive "Serpia Filter", developed by Kitty
      Show after more than 2½ years of cat vision research
      involving color and motion perception.
    This filter enhances the colors cats see best on TV,
  removes red hues and defines bug outlines.
 It is the only movie in the world that uses this technology.
 Both Day and Night views alternate throughout the DVD Toy. You can
  even select which view, Day or Night, to begin with! The sound track
   includes bugs fluttering and hitting the TV screen combined with other
     nature sounds that cats love.
 The Bugs DVD Toy provides your cat with an outdoor hunt in the safety
   of your home and will help minimize your cats loneliness when
     he or she is home alone.
Bugs DVD for Cats
DVD for Cats
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