The Birds DVD Video for Cats
   Continuous non-stop action packed TV entertainment
     just for your kitty. Featuring some of the most greedy,
      harassing and nagging birds alive... Blackbirds!
      Set against a cornfield, a stick quickly becomes
     crowded with hungry birds competing to devour the
    trim on your TV!
Many cats will "single out" the "weakest" bird and will position for attack. 
  Birds are filmed in real size, so no "giants" to scare kitty. All scenes capture
   landing through takeoff. No bird will ever just "vanish in thin air".
    Seeing the birds fly away gives your kitty a closure, as in a real hunt.
      Then.. the next group begins to fly in and begin to "walk the stick"!
  The DVD Video Toy provides your cat with an outdoor hunt in the safety
    of your home and will help minimize your cats loneliness when he or
      she is home alone or when you are busy.
Birds DVD for cats
DVD for Cats
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