Kitty Show is devoted to providing indoor cats with
     entertainment, exercise, mental stimuli and companionship when alone.

    Kitty Show DVD's for Cats are based on over 2½ years of research
   involving cat vision, color vision and perception on TV screens.
  Another 2 years of research went into developing a filter to remove colors
  that mask or camouflage images viewed by cats on TV. During that time,
 research was done on cat posturing, hunting and stalking instincts.

With this knowledge, the first "movie" theme was developed.. Bugs!
After 2½ years of filming and editing, Kitty Show's first premiere
 feature for indoor cats was born.. "The Bugs" Video Toy™.

 "The Bugs" transformed Kitty Show into the number one rated Video for
  Cats by Tufts University "Catnip" magazine. They did tests involving
   videos made for cats and "The Bugs" took their  highest rating, "Two
    Paws Up; test Cat's Favorite - Hands Down".

     Kitty Show then produced "The Birds" & the world's first  DVD for Cats.

       At Kitty Show, the motto has always been the same:

          "Quality, not Quantity" and this we will never change.

About Kitty Show